Ecoclean offers alkaline electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen. As a globally positioned system integrator, we offer not only the electrolyzer but also the necessary accessories from water treatment to gas compression.

Green hydrogen

Your path to a sustainable future

Ecoclean offers products, solutions and services along the entire value chain.
In this way, we support our customers on their way to a sustainable future - no matter which route they are currently on.
Hydrogen is the "fuel of the future" for sustainable and CO2-neutral supply in all sectors.
Our portfolio includes stand-alone solutions or turnkey systems in the range of 1-20 MW.


In industry, hydrogen is needed in large quantities as a raw material or as a substitute for other fossil fuels.


Hydrogen is the fuel of the future on the road to CO2-neutral mobility.


Hydrogen in energy supply - easy to transport and store.


Community solutions are decentralized solutions from power generation to heat supply.

Technology & Know-how

Robust, low-maintenance and cost-effective systems combined with the long-standing know-how of our experts as well as experienced partners - your path to a sustainable future.


Our know-how is based on the many years of experience of the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg, Germany (ZSW) with pressurized alkaline electrolysis, combined with Ecoclean's many years of experience in plant construction and service worldwide.

Ecoclean has entered into a cooperation with the ZSW for know-how transfer in the field of water electrolysis. We are already implementing joint projects in pressure alkali electrolysis. In a jointly acquired funding project, our task is to develop and market a competitive, modular system. The focus is on systems in the range of 1-20 MW. The supply and commissioning of the electrolysers also includes the sub-trades such as gas cleaning, compression for storage and water treatment.


In electrolysis, water is broken down into its components oxygen and hydrogen by the use of electrical energy. Due to the strong expansion of renewable energies, in particular photovoltaics and wind energy, the production of hydrogen with green electricity will gain significantly in importance in the future. The storage of surplus energy in the form of green hydrogen and its use instead of fossil fuels is an important element in achieving the climate targets that have been set.

Service & Consulting

Competent service and consulting for electrolysers - From the idea to the implementation and far beyond

We offer spare parts supply as well as regular maintenance and testing of our equipment. Thanks to our worldwide service network and global footprint we are always close to our customers. Via remote access, we can ensure to help our customers and analyze problems anywhere in the world, quickly and sustainably.

Ecoclean supports and advises its customers from the idea to the implementation of the projects. As a system integrator we are used to support large projects (1-20MW) from technology consulting to implementation and operation of the systems.

Press Releases & Case Studies

Innovative and sustainable ideas for your advantage

Ecoclean offers alkaline electrolyzers for the production of green hydrogen.
In the following section you will find our latest press releases and case studies for download.

Press Release: 
Ecoclean embarks on the industrialization of a future technology - Development of scalable electrolysis systems


Press Release: 
Ecoclean starts series production of modular AEL electrolyzers on a megawatt scale - EcoLyzer generating green hydrogen on site as needed


About us

Ecoclean is represented worldwide and has been successfully active in the field of plant engineering for many years.

Our many years of experience in the construction of special plants for the automotive industry and our experience in the field of near-series plants for the supplier industry are a perfect match for the requirements of the hydrogen market. Our strengths in the cost-effective construction of plants coupled with the know-how to build customer-specific special plants help us and our customers.